All projects need help and this project is no different. To all of the friends and relatives of the men, school archives and to all that have helped we thank you.

Some of those that have helped need to be singled out for their contribution. I would like to thank the following for their support;

To the Branch Family - Thank you for your love and hospitality over all of these years. Thank you for allowing Donna, Jacquie and I to stay amongst your loving family on our many visits to Canberra. My family is your family.

To the Late (LCDR) Robert 'Windy' Geale. - Thanks "Windy" for igniting the fire in Steve and I so long ago. Without your list of RNAS Aussies, and your willingness to share what information you had, this project would never have flown.

To Cameron Reilly - Thanks Cam for your remarkable website on the Australian Flying Corps and for publishing my article on William Lord. It was all the impetus I needed to keep me going. Thanks for being a "mate".

To Mike Westrop - Thanks Mike for correcting me when I was wrong, for sharing research without hesitation, and basically for being the good bloke you are.

To Hugh Halliday - A true gentleman in every sense of the word. Thanks Hugh for your guidance and for sourcing information on FS Cotton's time in Newfoundland.

To Darryl Hackett - For just being a good mate and possibly the funniest accountant in the country. Your sharing of citars and other information over the years has helped to fill in many blanks in our research of the men.

To Mark Lax & David Perkins - For your willingness to share information regarding the men and for your dedication in updating the BJV Database so that future generations will be able to access this wonderful tool.

To Esther Barton - With love and thanks for your encouragement and willingness to share information regarding your father and uncle with a perfect stranger on the other side of the world.

To Mary Hagan - Like Esther your willingness to not only share, but to entrust your fathers photographs to a complete stranger renews ones faith. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To the Australian Society of WW1 Aero Historians - To all of the wonderful men and women who make up the oldest WW1 aviation society in the world a big thank you.

To the AFC email ring - Gordon Branch, Chris Goddard, Darryl Hackett, Stephanie Hathaway, the Late Neville Hayes, Adrian Hellwig, Mark Lax, David McGuiness, Cameron Reilly, Alex Revell, Vin Ryan and John Woods. Thanks guys for all of your support and knowledge.

To the members of Great war Forum and the Aerodrome Forum - Two wonderful forums that are inhabited by the most knowledgeable of people. These two sites contain some of the most helpful and patient historians in the known world.

To my wife Donna and my daughter Jacquie - Thank you for being there for me and being the two most patient people on the planet. You are the only motivation a man needs to be the best he can be.