Australians in the Royal Naval Air Service

Thank you for visiting this site. My aim is to publish a book on the brave men that served in all facets of the Royal Naval Air Service from 1914 to 1918. Nearly 200 Australians served during the Great War and with your help I hope to have the book published so their names and deeds can be remembered.

I have listed all of the men alphabetically and if you know of, or are related to one of these men please contact me.

You can submit any information you have via the submission form. To email or to telephone me please find all of the contact details on the contact us button located on the sidebar menu. If your man served with any of the other flying services during the Great War, please feel free to leave any information as well. I hope to have a trilogy of books regarding Australians in the flying services during WW1.

Thanks to all of you that have helped so far.

Blue Skies


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